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Benefits of design that may change your perspective

Winter one of them caught him just over the chin, shredding his lower lip some sort of a school ring, and the warm taste of blood gushed into his mouth. He stumbled backward and someone pinned his arms. He struggled handfrees just as a fist looped down into his face like a runaway moon.

Multiple Dimensions

This methodology is to achieve independent experience and accessibility for users who are aging, abled or disabled or impaired either by birth, natural or incurred through natural events. It requires exercising and creating interfaces or prototyping a lo-fidelity design for the physical world that makes actions and steps more self-explanatory, thereby removing layers of prerequisite requirements to access any digital system.

Andrew Chamber
The purpose of inclusion in the context of experience architecture is to create technology and user interfaces accessible for wider audiences inclusive of full range of human diversity with respect to ability, gender, age and other forms of human difference.
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