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Evelyn Internationalist Sneaker


The stupendous cliffs behind us dropped sheerly down to the level of the plateau, some ten or twenty thousand feet below, and swept around it as a curving wall on either hand until they vanished in the distance. It was evidently the crater of the extinct volcano.


After the novelty of this goblin architecture had passed, however, its effect was somewhat dreary. The wind, moaning through the lifeless aisles and crannies of the dripping rocks, the rolling mist and shuddering pools of water, induced a sense of loneliness and depression. The revulsion in our feelings was therefore all the greater when the car suddenly escaped from this height of desolation, and a magnificent prospect burst upon our view.

CatalogueSummer 2019
ColorBlack, Maximum Green, Moonstone, White Coffee, Yellow
Dimensions100 x 37 x 100 cm
Materials80% cotton, 20% linen
TextureClassic, Cotton, Tailored
Weight3.62 kg


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